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About Us


Soy Bella is a hand poured, soy based candle company in Missouri, that started September of 2020. Soy Bella originally started with candles and within months began to evolve into a brand that is dedicated to providing both quality and luxury candles/skin/hair care products that don't just look and smell good, but products that are good for the environment.

I am dedicated to furthering my  research in efforts to provide quality products that improve air quality, skin, and hair. I'm very intentional with the materials i use for everything from my candles, to the decorations inside the candles, to the packaging. The ingredients in my soap bars, body butter, massage candles, and beard oil/butter were selected based on the everyday needs of the consumer, keeping in mind whats best for the consumers.

What sets my candles apart from other candle compainies is my handmade hemp wicks (clean burn, and extended burn-time) and Clean fragrances;free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and any other hazardous chemicals that can be found in fragrance oils. I see each candle I make as if it were my canvas, using quality wax, oils, and packaging that result in a quality candle.

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