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Made in KC

It's only right that my first blog is titled "Made in KC", since this happens to be the name of the first store that Soy Bella her first wholesale opportunity! This happened the same month I celebrated my 1 year anniversay of being in business and providing services to my hometown (Kansas City, Mo.). Soy Bella's 3 top selling fragrances; Sea salt Orchid, Dry Gin & Cypress, and Midnight Breeze, can be found in all 6 Made in KC Marketplace locations throughout The Greater Kansas City area (Country Club Plaza-Mo, Midtown-Mo, Lee's Summit-Mo, Prairie Village-Ks, Overland Park-Ks, and Braircliff-Mo). How exciting right?! Made in KC is a store that works to support local brands through partnerships, relationships, and resources, actively working to build their metwork of vendors and resources in efforts to help brands grow their sales and build a more sustainable business.

I have included in this blog, photos from my very first pop-up with Made in KC (9/11/21) as well as photos of my family and myself in one of the Made in KC locations (Country Club Plaza-Mo). So if you live in the Kansas City area and would like to shop Soy Bella in person feel free to visit any of the 6 locations listed above.

To find out more about Made in KC and other local brands that are available in their store you can visit

Stay tuned for more of what's New with Soy Bella be sure to follow my blogs as well as my social media platforms: Instagram: @soybella_candles and Facebook:

Til next tim!

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